Support for the DP Trading System
The PICS system extends to traders an analytical package that accesses multiple futures, cash and equities market data vendors in a LAN environment. It is an essential support tool that provides a truly comprehensive and powerful array of analytics with total flexibility and ease of use. PICS' power, versatility and full range of applications provides traders with the ability to recognize and capitalize upon emerging trading opportunities.
The more prominent features of the PICS system include:
A real time and historical database warehouse and graphics system that is integrated with a comprehensive array of technical analysis studies.
The system supports real-time futures data from DTN along with their minute by minute news coverage and commentary.
Total capability to retrieve, read and store cash market prices provided by Platts with complete charting, analytical and reporting functionality.
PICS Software provides users with the means to enter custom or proprietary database for full graphical application and analysis.
A total charting package that creates bar, candlestick, line, multiple overlay, continuation, strip, spread and value/basis ratio charts.
A comprehensive selection of technical analysis studies including oscillators, stochastics, linear regression, standard deviation and more, all of which can be applied to any real-time, historical or proprietary price data.
Any number of technical studies can be simultaneously applied to all types of outright and spread charts.
Up to 600 pages of user defined charts can be stored for automatic updating and instantaneous retrieval.
A complete futures historical database including five minute, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly continuation and strip price databases.
Total capability and ease of operation to chart, fully analyze or overlay any combination of futures and cash market prices within user defined time frames.
Real-time price quote pages can be customized to meet individual user preferences. All price quote pages have a "right-click menu" feature for the instantaneous creation of outright, spread or "crack" charts.
Built-in conversion factors allow for quick and easy rescaling of charts to different pricing denominations.
PICS is a complete trading software program that provides a highly precise and thorough insight into any market. PICS creates a real advantage in today's fast-paced trading environment.