Since its inception in 1978, Commodity Advisory Corporation of Texas-Seminars (CACT) has been fully involved in the business of commodities trading and related consulting services with particular emphasis in both the futures and the cash energy markets.
CACT provides a complete range of consulting and trading advisory services to its American and European clientele which includes major oil companies, financial institutions and trading companies. Its staff of professionals employ an extensive array of futures technical analysis studies and proprietary risk management techniques to identify and formulate futures, cash basis, relative value and inter-regional arbitrage trading and hedging strategies.
The knowledge and expertise gained from years of designing and testing trading systems has culminated in the creation of a trading tool that is at the leading edge of today's marketplace. CACT is now offering that tool in the form of a fully integrated software package called PICS (Product-Information-Charts-Spreads).
PICS is a graphical tool that utilizes the power of the Relational Database Management System for viewing and analyzing commodity prices in real-time. The PICS system provides trading professionals with a total capability to analyze and forecast commodity futures prices with the most extensive and comprehensive array of technical analysis studies, including CACT's own proprietary indicators and techniques, yet available.