CACT offers a premier online consulting service that fully addresses and supports the needs of the active trader in today's fast moving and volatile markets. Utilizing our Cybercast trading discipline, we provide a comprehensive, multiple time frame approach to the markets that is individually tailored to each client's specific trading requirements.
What The Service Provides
We furnish a truly personalized service that fully addresses and promotes the tactical and strategic trading objectives of our clients. Through the application of advanced technical analysis studies and proprietary risk management techniques we are able to identify emerging trading opportunities and position our clients at the leading edge of key market movements. Part of the success of our online service is found in the fact that we can instantly respond to a client's need for timely analysis and price forecasting of any given market, be it cash or futures. Our service is geared to provide up-to-the-minute analysis and formulate pro-active futures, cash basis, spread and arbitrage trading and hedging strategies.
The CACT online consulting service is supported by telephone, fax and email communications on a daily basis. At the end of each day, we send our clients a Daily Summary sheet for each market. Those summaries identify minor and intermediate, support and resistance price levels, "scalping" levels along with current trend and retracement price objectives. At the end of each week, a Weekly Summary that sets out the 1-2 month (intermediate) and six month (major) trading bias of each market is sent by either fax or email. Traders find the summary to be a powerful tool that materially adds to their approach to the markets.
Another part of the success of the online service is found in the comprehensive instruction we provide to our clients. Amongst many things, we teach traders how to effectively utilize the CACT approach to trading; how technical analysis can be employed to discover and capitalize upon optimum price risk/reward relationships in all types of markets and how to best implement multiple time frame trading and hedging positions. We also conduct periodic, on-site training sessions with all of our clients on an individual basis.
Who Should Consider This Service?
Any active trader who wants to materially improve his rate of success. The online service is for any type of market, whether cash or futures. Our client list includes traders from all sectors for the energy and financial markets and traders with institutional and private trading funds.
The minimum charge for our online service is $2,000.00 per month.